Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, January 15:

It can pay to let your curiosity go to your head. If something interests you, ask plenty questions. You might feel someone isn't telling you everything in which case, don't take the information they seem so keen to feed you, at face value. An older relative expects you to come running to their rescue whenever they need a helping hand. There are other things you have to do. You aren't in a position to give into their emotional demands.

With you wanting to accept all social and travel invitations coming your way this should be your chance to make a few new friends. You're attracting all sorts of interesting people into your orbit. Housemates are being honest and sincere. If they have let you down in the past they want to make up for it now and you can afford to be more trusting of others. Some people really have learned from their mistakes.

An interview or meeting you have to attend will mean more to you than you are admitting to anyone. Do your best to keep family life calm and harmonious. If things get tense now, you could let nerves get the better of you. Confide in others. Reveal any worries you may have to a close friend or partner. Showcase your talents in the workplace. Some extra cash could come from being offered additional responsibilities.

Someone close is suggesting changing the way you approach everyday routines. You'd rather continue with things the way they are but ignore this temptation. It might take a few days to get into a new pattern but these could be changes for the better. Your best moment will be when a loved one volunteers to help out in a few areas. This will free up your time to enable you to start a study course or interest you've been talking about for a while.

Unexpected developments in the workplace could mean you will be changing other plans over the next few days to adapt to all that is going on. You are being presented with a rare opportunity to prove your capabilities in a different field than usual and you don't intend to let this pass you by. There is no reason why you should not excel. A relative who is researching your family will want to share some interesting information.

A domestic dilemma will be costly to put right. Before you spend any money it would be wise to seek a few opinions. A friend or neighbour who has been through a similar experience will suggest a much cheaper solution. If you need a helping hand with a concern of your own you may have to look further afield than your own four walls. Still, a more tranquil atmosphere at home as the week comes to an end will be very much to your liking. A few hours spent relaxing will feel well deserved.

An argument between two friends will make the atmosphere tense whenever you all get together. It will be the smallest of issues that seems the hardest to resolve. If no one makes an effort to settle their differences you might decide to take it upon yourself to be the diplomat. A minor money problem will be brought to your attention. The most annoying thing will be the time it takes to sort this out but you aren't prepared to leave anything hanging.

This isn't a good time to take risks. In finances and in your career the best results will come through doing things strictly by the book. This may not be as interesting or as exciting but you will feel as if you are making progress. Any personal differences you may have with an older colleague should not be allowed to interfere with your working relationship. You can learn a lot from each other if you both remain open minded.

A discussion largely focused on financial matters could lead to you altering plans for the week ahead. Money you had intended to use for the more enjoyable aspects of life will now be needed elsewhere. You will be made to feel guilty for splashing out at a time when joint finances are in a bad shape. This will be a disappointment but it won't be the end of the world. There will plenty ways to have fun that don't cost a penny.

There's nothing wrong with making the more enjoyable side of life a priority. Romance, creative interests and generally relaxing in good company will feel therapeutic. All that's needed is for you to make suitable arrangements. In a loving partnership, be sure to put your feelings into words and actions. This will be a rewarding time for your career when some good news will be sufficient cause for celebration and possibly more for you than for your colleagues.

You're determined to make some improvements in certain areas of your life. While this will be of benefit, you may also have a slight tendency to make decisions that haven't really been given enough thought. To save yourself time and effort, try making precise plans before doing anything. Someone close is researching an interesting subject and they may ask for your help or advice. This is something you will know a lot about and you will be happy to share.

A craving for variety and something different will take you away from your usual haunts. There could be the chance to meet one or two people some distance away or even abroad. At the same time, you may not be planning on spending much time with one particular friend who for some reason seems obsessed with an item of gossip. You have said all you have to say on this subject and you will refuse to discuss it any further.