Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant's weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, January 29.

You're more organised than usual and this makes it an ideal time to get on top of any outstanding paperwork and domestic matters. You won't get a lot of cooperation from those around you but chances are, you will carry out such matters more quickly on your own anyway. You won't want to seem interfering and you feel you could do a lot to help a younger relative resolve a problem. Wait until they come to you. If they really need your advice, they won't hesitate to ask.

A romantic surprise awaits you as January ends. Your partner has arranged something special for you. They will have pulled out all the stops to give you an experience you won't forget. Are you single? Someone you meet at a small get together will have a lot in common with you. You will hit it off immediately and there's a strong chance this will lead to a more permanent involvement. Beware gossips. You could let some important information slip in a casual conversation and someone will quickly pass it on.

At last you get more time to pursue a hobby or personal interest you have had to put on hold. The solution to a problem that held this project up in the past will suddenly seem obvious and you will have it sorted out in next to no time. Forge forward with changes you've been thinking about to transform your home or career. Take advantage of any chance to try new experiences. Try not to forget about plans you made with a friend for the weekend. They will be expecting you.

Worries you had about a financial matter could be resolved easier than expected. You will realise you were worrying over nothing. It is entirely possibly you've been standing too close to the problem to gain a true perspective of what are real and what are imaginary fears. Take a step or two back whenever you encounter difficulties. Better still, discuss these with someone you can trust. Expect to end the month feeling more content than when it began.

With you being so popular, even when you're with people who are relatively new to your world, you could find yourself at the centre of attention. It always feels good to be in demand but be sure an old friend doesn't feel left out or as if they are no longer important to your happiness. A touch of thoughtfulness and showing extra understanding towards those you love, should work wonders in all areas of your personal life.

You have a lot on your mind as the week begins and this could cause you to lose interest in plans already made. Some people may not understand the confusion you are going through and you aren't sure whether you really want to talk about it. You prefer to keep your private business, private. A partner will accuse you of keeping secrets. This is far from the truth and you will find it a relief to have a heart-to-heart conversation. Once you start talking, it will be easier than you imagine, to spill out your thoughts.

A success that is worthy of a celebration will bring a high note to your days. The high spirits of those sharing your home and workplace will make it almost impossible for you to worry about anything. There is always someone around to help keep you cheerful. There are a few jobs you had originally intended to do on your own but you might leave these for another time and settle for a more sociable few days.

You're thinking ahead when there are a few important events planned. If you are involved in organising these, you will want them to go as smoothly as possible. The more preparation you put into it now, the greater chances they will do so. Be ready to help out in the home later in the week when what looks at first to be a minor problem could cause a lot of frustration. Your thoughts will be tuned into distant affairs and new travel ideas will be discussed.

It doesn't matter how pleasant it is to be surrounded by family and friends, you're in need of some time to yourself. You just want to retreat and recharge your batteries. When alone, try to concentrate your thoughts on the brighter side of life. Look to the future rather than pondering on what didn't happen or what you didn't like about the past. Before getting excited about an offer or a volunteer opportunity, think about whether you are asking too much from yourself.

A lot of care and organisation has gone into your plans for the end of January. With this in mind you will feel confident nothing will go wrong. The only problem that may occur is likely to be of someone else's making and happily, this shouldn't be too difficult to sort out. You're in for an enjoyable time. Signing up for a class or starting a home learning course will be a step towards achieving your full potential.

No matter what you are planning to do you, the best results will be achieved if you allow your imagination to guide you. Look at situations, jobs, events and relationships from an unusual angle. This will present you with an easy solution to what threatened, at first sight, to be a complex problem. If possible try to make some time for relaxation in your off-duty hours. Accept help when it is offered. You can't do everything.

An issue you had hoped to have had resolved by now is no further forward. You suspect someone close is deliberately making excuses to avoid discussing this problem. Sit on any thoughts that push you to force a showdown. Playing a waiting game will be the best thing you can do. This is a good time to observe all that is happening around you without commenting too much about your own thoughts. Also, leave dramatic action for another day.