Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, February 5:

The more freedom you have to do your own thing, the easier you will find it to work through any problems. A new friend will have a big influence in your life now as you respect their knowledge, talents and experience. You're seriously thinking about pursuing opportunities outside your usual vicinity. Very soon you will get the green light to pursue a new path, professional goal or personal ambition. As you gain in experience your confidence will grow.

Whatever comes to pass you can be certain that something that happens to a partner or relative will reverberate on you. That's why you will be available to give them good advice. A group project will have its fun moments. Even so you don't expect it to be an easy ride for there is pressure and excitement in equal doses. You are prepared for what's to come as know what you are letting yourself in for.

It may be necessary to fall in with the wishes of a partner to get them to agree to plans you are proposing. You can always change the tune to suit yourself later once you have gained their confidence. You're only just starting to realise how helpful a friend or neighbour has been recently. Be sure to show your gratitude especially if you think you could never have managed without them. It will mean a lot to them to know they are appreciated.

A younger colleague will give you a few good ideas. You know these are workable but you don't want workmates to know you are going to use them. Someone is getting too big for their boots and this is to be discouraged. It may be necessary to carry out some jobs away from prying eyes. Although you're serious about your responsibilities, you are also determined to have some fun in your off-duty hours.

With all the energy you are putting into everything you are likely to complete tasks in double-quick time. Don't be surprised therefore if other people start to notice this and expect you to help them with their responsibilities. There are many good reasons why you should jump at an opportunity which offers you the chance to advance your skills and knowledge or your worldly experience. There are other equally as valid reasons why you shouldn't. Weigh this up very carefully.

Very soon your life will take a turn down fresh avenues. Not everyone will agree with what you decide on but this is something you have to do for yourself and you won't let anyone talk you out of it. Sharing quality time with someone you love will be a weekend priority. Whatever you are planning you will want to do this together without anyone else intruding into your space. Two's company and three will be a crowd.

You're tired of routine tasks that are growing monotonous. One way to alleviate a lot of the labour would be to treat yourself to new equipment that will do this for you. Why not give your home a makeover while you are at it? Just keep home related purchases in check. Are you willing to mix business with pleasure? Some unexpected but not unwelcome developments could turn a work relationship into something more exciting.

Although you may have some qualms about getting mixed up in a neighbourhood project, you can also see how your involvement might benefit other people. Take it slowly and don't make too many promises. You can always pull out when you have had enough. It is important for you to succeed in something that challenges you personally. Draw on self-discipline and self-reliance to secure your success. One area you will commit to wholeheartedly will be a home related project.

Word of your talent is getting around. Don't be surprised if a number of people offer to pay you for your skills. This might even get you thinking about setting up in business for yourself. You can't keep giving your time and energy away for free. Even if you have been enjoying a modicum of success in your career or an educational project lately, the best is yet to come. Your plan should be to make the most of whatever is on offer.

A lazy friend or colleague is taking advantage of your hard-working nature. You have always been generous and kind but this is starting to work against you. You have attracted the wrong kind of people into your life. It is time to be more discerning about your friendships. If you are arranging a small party or get together, you will be doing your best to make a favourable impression on everyone but there is one person in particular you want to impress the most.

Something you should have done a while ago was never concluded. This has been preying on your mind. What you won't have been expecting is to be given a second chance to put things right. You will welcome this opportunity to make amends. As well as your usual weekday chores you might arrange to get together with friends you haven't seen for some time. You have a lot of catching up to do.

Problems you encountered with a group project will vanish very quickly. Everything seems to improve when you are happy about what you are doing and who you are doing it with. You could charm the birds out of the trees. Friends, family and workmates will appear to agree with you in most everything you do. This is a great time therefore to persuade an older relative into agreeing to go ahead with plans they recently objected to.