Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, March 19:

Your partner or a close friend will hint they would like to see more of you. Since you don't want to lose people who mean a lot to you, for now at least, their wish will be your command. Your determination to please people will do your relationships the world of good. If you are out of work, jobs demanding creative skills could open up for you now. You might be offered a one-off commission and this will pave the way for similar work in time to come.

A get rich quick scheme will have flaws. Although you sense others are aware of it and trying to ignore the warning signals, you will worry about a friend who is dazzled by an online guru who is promising the earth. Coming to the rescue of a needy neighbour could lead to an unexpected offer. This may involve travel and since you could do with a change of scenery, you aren't likely to turn it down.

You're tired of having to drop everything as a friend expects you to do every time they need a helping hand. You would be better off channelling your energy into things you can change such as areas of your life that could do with some improvement. Where there are problems, work on strategies to resolve these over the weeks to come. They may not totally disappear but it helps when you feel more in control.

No matter how long you have been dating, married or with someone, it would be to your advantage to show your independent side. A partner or close friend needs more space. You may feel they have plenty of freedom but listen to them when they say you're clinging to them like glue and it makes them feel stifled. A sports team or creative group is looking for members. You need to get in more practice before you can volunteer.

With those close to you content to cope with their own affairs, this will give you some well-deserved time to yourself. Rather than doing as much as possible you will choose the opposite. You intend to make the most of this chance to relax and you will be enjoying every minute of it. Lucky stars abound if you are single and looking for romance. You could meet someone special at a spring fair or outdoors concert.

You hadn't realised how much someone has been influencing you until you start looking at the facts. You might feel annoyed with yourself for having allowed an older friend or colleague's beliefs and opinions to colour your own decisions. Now you know the truth you won't let this happen again. A relationship is becoming too stifling. It is time to cut ties with anything and anyone who makes you unhappy.

If your best friend or partner is going through a tough time and you know they need you, making time just for them will help lift their spirits. Arrange a trip together, suggest a mini break or take them to their favourite restaurant. You're thinking ahead but are the plans you are making realistic? You might feel, deep down, that some of the goals you are setting for yourself are out of reach. In which case, lower your sights and you are more likely to make progress.

You might get the impression a close friend is keeping something to themselves. Despite their reluctance to share, your curiosity will be roused. At the same time, it is completely up to them whether or not they reveal all to you. You can't make others tell you everything and it will only cause problems if you try. Your boss may ask for a few minutes of your time. They want to have a word with you and the implication in their words will make your future look very bright.

Your desire to get on with a job in your own way could cause problems if you are supposed to be working closely with a colleague. This may not be such a good time for professional relationships. Someone who is a stickler for rules and regulations will find your independent spirit too disturbing. No matter how difficult it might be, you may have to listen to a senior colleague's suggestions. They are on your side but they can't openly show it.

A recent worry will be sorted out just as you were about to give up on this matter. Being able to put this behind you will put everyone in exceptionally high spirits. Your working life is taking a turn for the better. An important meeting or interview will go a lot better than expected. Finances too will be improving. You've been expecting hidden snags in a money or legal transaction but now you know you can trust others who are giving you professional support and advice.

If you're trying to economise it would make sense to steer clear of friends who have expensive tastes. They may have cash to spare to spend on here today and gone tomorrow pleasures but you will prefer to be more careful. Sharing news and views with other members of your community could lead to you looking into the possibility of setting up a new group or society. So don't shut yourself away. Just watch your cash.

Listening to gossip could have unfortunate consequences. It isn't wise to take everything everyone tells you as the truth. Yes, some rumours will provide you with useful information once you have checked the facts. Other things you hear could cause a big misunderstanding if you were to pass it on to the wrong person. There's plenty going on at home and at work to keep you from growing bored. A practical colleague is getting results and you can't help but be influenced by them.