Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, March 26:

Discussing philosophical, spiritual and religious matters with people you trust will give you greater insight into your own beliefs and feelings. A transformation is starting to take place within you and this makes you more confident and assertive. You are more aware of how some people have used their charm and power to influence you and you’re no longer willing to go along with agendas other people have set for you. From now on, you’re making your own decisions.

There’s a strong need for some time alone. If you get this you will feel relaxed and in control. If outside pressures give you little time to yourself, you will start feeling short tempered and frustrated. Just be careful not to take this out on those who are closest to you. It will be a partner who is likely to suffer the most. You’re planning so far into the future you might lose track of what actually lies ahead of you. Make what’s going on in the present your first priority.

You’re inclined to jump in where angels fear to treat but this could lead to disappointment. Take some time to think about what your next move should be. You’re on your own if you decide to take a risk that a friend or loved one feels is going too far. No one will follow you if you won’t listen to their cautionary advice. It isn’t that other people are reluctant to try new things. They just prefer less risky pastimes. You may have to lower your sights to keep their support and friendship.

You’re tired of the way some people seem to look down at you just because you are quiet and don’t push your opinions onto others. Remaining in the background is working against you as it prevents you from taking up opportunities to make more use of your potential. Make an effort to show a flexible face to the world. Showcase your talent to raise your standing in the eyes of others. Let people see what you are made of.

With you being in a hyperactive mood you’re likely to feel frustrated with someone close starts dragging their heels over a certain matter. You wish they would make up their mind more quickly. Even so, stop and think about why they are behaving this way before you voice complaint. It could be that they have lost interest. Discuss important matters now rather than waiting to see what time brings about. For once, take the initiative.

How many people know the real you? When you stop and think about it you will probably answer: not many. Yet someone seems to think they know how you will respond in all situations and they are happy to take it upon themselves, without being asked, to make decisions for you. You’re ready now to follow your own inclinations even if these are unlike anything anyone is expecting you to do. Finding a few bargains on your favourite online store will uplift you.

Should someone close dig in their heels about a matter that concerns you both, you will just go ahead with what you want to do without them. If you’re struggling to learn a new skill, don’t give up at the first hurdle. Be patient. Keep trying and eventually it will feel like second nature to you. Are you travelling this week? Guard against gastric upsets and overindulgence. Remember you’re hoping to enjoy your travels and not to suffer.

A workmate or neighbour who questions your every move is starting to annoy you. You’re tired of them trying to make your business theirs. This could be their way of getting your attention. What you think is criticism could actually be admiration. Someone genuinely likes you but they’re finding it hard to express their feelings. Once you get to know them better you will understand and you will feel less frustrated by their strange behaviour.

Perseverance pays off and gets results. Your hard work and determined effort will all go towards bringing the rewards you desire and deserve. You have all the right ideas to move a work project forward. Despite some heavy outgoings you are keeping on top of everyday bills. With you doing so much be sure to look after your health. There will be simple but common-sense precautions you could take to avoid unnecessary illness.

Domestic activities and home related matters bring out the best in you. If you’ve been thinking about getting started on a home improvement project do so now while you are in the right mood. This is a great time to decorate a drab room or add modern appliances to your kitchen. Your charm is at an all-time high. Are you single? Marital opportunities or some interesting romantic developments may occur. A friendship could accelerate into a special partnership.

You can understand why meetings are important and why people want to get together to discuss a recent incident. You also feel everything that needs to be said has been said. You don’t want to talk about problems anymore. You want to find solutions. Joining a group that might help not hinder your progress can be useful but it will be self-reliance that will ultimately help you resolve current challenges and difficulties. If you’re dreaming of dating a new neighbour, make your move now.

Property matters will go very well. If you’re in the process of renting, buying or selling a home, curb your excitement. Stay calm and aim to handle such affairs in a quietly confident and practical fashion. Are you single and looking for love? You could be trying too hard to find your dream lover. Don’t feel pressured to put on a big display for a new friend. Relax and just be yourself when introduced to new people.