Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, April 2:

You might start to realise that you have been expecting too much from some people. They may not share your dreams and aspirations or someone lacks the skills or knowledge to carry out jobs to the standard demanded of them. In time their ability will improve but for now, you may have to take over some of the work to get it finished. Access to confidential documents or information will help you understand why there has been some secrecy.

You are tuned into the feelings of those around you and you feel sympathetic to their needs. You can sense what your family and friends expect from you and when you feel it is necessary you will go out of your way to please them. Financial matters are also on your mind. That's why, later on, you will be focused on your own affairs. Thursday will be a good day for buying and selling.

There's nothing predictable about the start of the week and this is just the way you will like it. You have been hoping for something exciting to happen and you won't be disappointed. Communication is a key factor to all relationships. Conversations, meetings and get togethers are likely to be unconventional. Some weird ideas will be discussed on Friday and then totally forgotten about by the end of the day. If you need information, talk to someone you can trust.

A reduction or discount on an item you need to buy will give you something to be pleased about. You will need to find out more about what a developing situation might mean to you. It will be a while before you feel you have been told everything you need to know. Some of your friends will complain that the weekend is too quiet. With the hectic week you have just been through, you will just be glad to be able to take a break.

Travel will be extra pleasant. If you're offered a chance to join a group outing, grasp it with both hands. You will have a good time at a surprisingly low cost. The main menace facing you mid-week is the temptation to take on more than you can handle. Don't feel guilty if you need to pull out of some commitments. Look for outside causes if a housemate complains about feeling ill. Check heating appliances and make sure rooms are well ventilated.

Spirits may be low as the week begins when disappointing news will make everyone a little glum. Even though you half expected this to happen, you were still hoping for the best. Problems can be rectified but you need time to look at the situation from a different angle. Creative pastimes will help you relax later. By the end of the week you will feel happier and because of this you can give more time to a special relationship.

When you look at all you have achieved so far this year you will be amazed by how your confidence in yourself has grown. Your ability to cope with an ever-changing array of duties, responsibilities and pleasures will astound others too. Being asked to handle a special assignment will bring you no end of satisfaction. A close relationship will take an unexpected turn and this will be a change for the better. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable and productive few days are in store for you.

Environmental, health and political issues will all come up in conversation. Just try not to impose your will too much on younger members of the family. Give them a chance to form their own decisions. Although your boss won't object to anything you are doing, they may not be as committed as you are and this could come as quite a surprise. Problems in the workplace will be sorted out very quickly, all thanks to your hard work and determination.

People will look to you for advice and guidance. Don't be surprised when you end up teaching someone how to manage tricky tasks similar to ones you have tackled with success in the past. An uphill struggle you recently faced is not going to be repeated. This will come as an immense relief. If you are shopping, whether online or in town, be sure to set yourself a spending limit and stick to it.

Rewards will come from past hard-working efforts but you won't spend a lot of time thinking about this. It is the future that interests you most now. A fresh shot of hope and inspiration will help if you have links with the media or one of the caring professions. Make full use of new ideas as from little acorns, mighty oaks will grow. A joint effort will take a lot of the strain out of an arduous task. Many hands will make the work much lighter.

A restless feeling makes you want something new and different to do. You need to find an outlet for your emotions. There's a strong urge to splurge on luxury items, entertainment and romance. Have you considered the cost? You're hoping someone close will agree to experiment with some fun ideas. You need their cooperation if you are to succeed with your plans. Time spent together will give you a chance to sow the seeds of your idea.

You and your partner and family are on the same wavelength. Important matters can be agreed on and this makes you feel more secure. You can look to the future and have a good idea on where you will be and what you will be doing a few months from now. Finances are all set to improve. Either you or someone close is in line for a small increase in income. You may not benefit immediately but you can look forward to some extra spending power in the months to come.