Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant's weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, June 4:

Someone seems to think you have taken on more than you can comfortably handle. Although annoying, their watchfulness is more concern than criticism. It may be that they know you better than you think and this is your chance to ease your load by accepting help that is offered. Communication with someone from a distance will leave a lot to be desired when it might feel as if something important is being left unsaid. Travel plans will be finalized later and previous misunderstandings put right.

Working relationship comes under the microscope. You may have underestimated the influence a colleague has on a project you are involved in. They have the power to bring things to a halt or to allow the work to continue. You might wish you had given this job more consideration before you took it on. You are experienced enough in many areas to know what you are doing now is important and you would prefer to have more control over proceedings.

While you are bound to get more out of life by plugging into social and romantic opportunities around you, there is still work to be done. Getting a balance between work and play is vital now. People are relying on you to fulfil obligations and you need to prove you do take your responsibilities seriously. In finances don't take anything for granted. An expected sum of money may not arrive in your bank account as promised.

No matter how much time and effort you put into it, a job you are working on will seem to make little progress. Just as you are about to give in, someone or something will come along to help you achieve your aims. So, there will be no need to lower your sights after all. If you are doing any kind of research or study, you may feel reluctant to approach someone who is never easy to talk to even though they could help you. Most of the information you need will be found on the internet.

It's all about keeping up appearances if you want to impress someone who matters. The problem is, the more you act, dress and behave in a way other people expect of you, the more you lose touch with the real you. Is it time to just be yourself? If someone can't accept you for whom you are, maybe they just don't belong in your life. An unusual offer or something unexpected will come your way. This will involve some risk when progress cannot be made by following a cautious path.

Negotiating the sale of property or possessions will not be as easy as you first anticipated. An offer received could be changed and this will put you in two minds about whether or not to go ahead with this transaction. Efforts to impose a sense of orderliness into your working environment are thwarted by a careless colleague who can't seem to follow the rules or do the right thing. Communication is a key factor. You may not be mixing with your usual crowd and a competitive air hangs over the workplace.

It's not enough anymore to think about making some changes. You want to act on your ideas to get out of a rut and to add more excitement into your life. A chance to improve your lifestyle will be offered. If it has already come up in conversation, this would be a good time to set up home with a partner. You are in touch with your feelings, confident about your decisions and it will be easier than usual to discuss thoughts and emotions.

Someone will ask for a favour as the week begins. You won't have the time to help out and although it is true there is only so much you can do in a day, a feeling of remorse might strike you later. You may regret not having helped someone who needed it. It won't be too late to make amends. A move you are about to make is going to be very different to what other people are expecting. Don't let this stop you.

Someone will ask you to give a new job or arrangement a chance before deciding it isn't for you. Intuitively you feel you aren't going to like this but to please them you will go along with their request. Even so, this should not prevent you from looking at other alternatives. You aren't being fickle in wanting to change things that aren't working for you. Being willing to diversify will ensure you get the best out of everything life has to offer.

You can't be too careful in a group situation. Someone who is asking questions may use information received in a way that causes upset and argument. Disagreements will have a negative effect overall on relationships. To keep a team harmonious, it will be necessary to keep recent news or information to yourself. Problems that do crop up at this time cannot be corrected by pointing fingers. Be prepared to put in some hard work behind the scenes.

New arrangements will have to be made when an event or appointment is cancelled at the eleventh hour. A partner or housemate won't be happy with this change of plans and despite what they think, you aren't doing this to upset them. If they can't cooperate, you may have to do some things separately. Go over financial and tax matters with an accountant or financial advisor. Some undercover and discreet research could bring useful information to light.

You can't do right for doing wrong. Obstacles seem to arise to cause problems with almost everything you attempt. You're getting annoyed with yourself and with others too who aren't exactly being helpful. Someone close will know how to soothe your ruffled feathers. A few diversions will have to be made for you to overcome stumbling blocks. Talk to people you don't normally see and be prepared to visit places you've not been to before.