Here is what Russell Grant has had to say this week.


Someone you work with will ask for more responsibility. You aren’t sure they are ready for this but you will understand they are hoping for a shot at proving themselves in some way. They will appreciate it if they are given a degree of freedom and you could end up quite impressed by their accomplishments. Concentrate your own efforts on getting things moving in the right direction for this is what really matters.


Finding the time and energy to get through everything you have to do should be no problem at all. You’ve always been good at organising your days so you get the most out of them. You have an abundance of enthusiasm. This enables you to arrange your time around an increasingly hectic schedule. Don’t be tempted to pull down a hobby or interest a young relative has taken up. It might seem pointless to you, but if they’re enjoying it, it can’t be such a bad thing.


Ask people to repeat themselves so you know you aren’t misinterpreting their words. The less outspoken you are, the less chance there is that you will put your foot in it. You’re coming to the end of what has been a lengthy and tedious arrangement. There have been times when you wondered why you got into this in the first place. By the end of the week you will be happy to see it being brought to a successful conclusion.


Concerns you cannot talk about with others are going round in your mind. You wish you could stop thinking about them if only to get some sleep at night. Worrying will have its effects by making you more quiet than usual and a lot less like your normal self. If your anxiety relates to financial, health or legal matters, one way to allay these would be to seek some confidential professional advice.


There’s a tendency to jump to conclusions so make an extra effort to listen to what is being said. Coming to terms with changes that are in the offing will not be easy. Discussions cause you some confusion and uncertainty. Dreams that spurred you on in the past are dreams no more. If you are unhappy with the way your life is going, the first thing you should do is admit you are on the wrong track to find fulfilment. Decide on what is important to you.


A business meeting or following up a lead that has some bearing on your career will bring an unexpected turn of event. If you are acting on a hunch, it will be incredibly accurate. Your mind is working overtime as you are pondering acting on some exciting ideas. It will be a challenge turning some hopes into reality. No matter how strenuous the job or difficult the pressure you might be under, you will find a way to make things happen.


A contract will be signed and you stand to benefit in some way through legal proceedings. Keep your schedule loose later as some plans are likely to change. You will want to give some thought to talks that have been going on behind closed doors. Once you are certain in your mind that changes being discussed will be for the best, you will give your approval to getting these underway.


Everything will suddenly change including your hopes for a better future when what looked like a possible failure will become a potential success. After a phase of tension and strain, things are starting to look up. You will soon be enjoying greater financial freedom with a chance of paying off a number of outstanding debts. You will feel you can start to breathe again. Even so you would never take any good fortune for granted. Neither will you boast of your successes.


Dealings with someone who calls themselves a professional will be strange, jumbled and complicated. Get a second opinion or additional professional advice if you feel it is needed. Some people might look and sound as if they know what they are talking about when they don’t. You love to learn and there are many opportunities for you to do so. If it isn’t through taking an evening class, you might sign up for an online training course. It always feels good to exercise your mind and imagination.


A new sporting interest or some light-exercise pursuit is becoming a regular habit. You are slowly starting to feel the benefits as you notice you have more energy and staying power than ever before. This is particularly pleasing when you are a hard working person at the best of times. If you find yourself under pressure to make an important or difficult decision, insist on sleeping on it. Don’t be too quick to dismiss everything an imaginative friend suggests, as rubbish.


A state of affairs that is causing arguments and tension cannot be allowed to continue any longer. You are ready to make a move to put an end to this. No sooner do you act on this, it will be done. Someone who shares your views will happily give their support. You are determined to make an excellent job of anything you turn your hands to and this will be proven by your achievements by the end of the week.


At times it will seem as if no matter what you do or say, no-one is satisfied. There’s no gratitude being shown for everything you are doing for a friend or loved one who is starting to take your kindness too much for granted. One way to get people to acknowledge how much they have started to rely on you is to leave them to their own devices. You have your own business to be getting on with and as you do they will realise how much they miss your support.