The exhibition features the newly-published Venice Suite series and is something of a coup for the Bohun Gallery, as this will be the first time that Sir Peter’s latest work has been seen outside London – and only the second time in the UK.

Best known for designing the album cover for The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967, the London-based artist recently created 20 new montage-style prints inspired by his love for the Italian city. Nine of the works will go on display at the Bohun Gallery.

Joanna Cartwright, gallery manager, says: “The Venice Suite is literally hot off the press, very entertaining, quite witty and charming. In these works, Blake demonstrates that he has a wonderful sense of humour, yet at the same time he captures things with sensitivity.

“There are all sorts of images featured in the series, from different eras and different contexts.

“So there might be a background of Venice with a zebra walking in front, or an African tribe, or rowers sculling along the Grand Canal.”

She adds: “The suite is also very different to his previous works, but that’s the sign of a wonderful artist. He’s always moving forward.”

Also included in the exhibition is a series called Replay, a reinvention of Sir Peter’s major works from the 1950s and 1960s using colourful silkscreen prints.

One of the works, Girly Door, depicts a painted red door decorated with iconic images of actresses, including Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. The original, from 1959, was made from collage and objects on hardboard.

“But the silkscreen print really brings the image alive,” comments Joanna. “It adds this lovely glossy front, just as a real door would have.”

She adds: “All the works are very bold and colourful and absolutely wonderful really.

“What’s really striking about both Replay and Venice Suite is that they both show Blake as an artist who is completely unique. He’s the great British Pop Artist to rival Andy Warhol, and in fact he was doing some things way before Warhol. In many senses he is a true pioneer.”

Peter Blake: Silkscreens is on show from Monday, February 2 to Saturday, February 21. Details: 01491 576228 or