OWNERS of a new restaurant in High Wycombe are hoping to impress diners with their American BBQ menu.

Bluegrass BBQ has opened its doors in Paul's Row, where the former Ladies and Gentlemen club was.

Since his first trip to Texas some years ago, owner and BBQ fanatic, Steve Brown, has long wanted to bring authentic American BBQ to the UK.

He said: "Real American BBQ is about a relentless passion for the food. It requires patience, lots of it, and meticulous care and attention.

"Great BBQ can take up to 48 hours plus, from preparation to plate, and every stage has to be just right. It’s taken us a long time in the planning, but we think we’ve got it right with Bluegrass BBQ."

He has imported state-of-the-art equipment and smokers from the USA to smoke the British meat which will be served on their menu including pulled pork, ribs, beef brisket and chicken.

Steve said: "When we cook with the smoke you get a pinky ring through the meat, where the smoke reacts with the meat. It is known as the ring of truth.

"If that's not there you then know if it hasn't been cooked with fire."

They also have on their team the only British (and only non-American) winner of the Jack Daniels World Champion Invitational BBQ competition, ‘The Jack’ in Lynchburg, Tennessee.

A lot of research has also gone into sourcing the right meat and cuts in the UK. But it is not just about the food- there is American vintage sign writing wall art, booths, a wooden shack counter and metal chairs. T

his is also juxtaposed next to a Tudor wall painting dating back to 1590/1600, which was uncovered when the lowered ceiling was removed.

There are also two secret rooms cleverly disguised, which can hold private parties.

Steve said: "So much goes into the food it is nice to have the atmosphere to match it."

There will be imported sodas and craft beer from America and also homemade desserts.