MR India has been in Loudwater for 15 years and during that time has gained a reputation for excellent curry. Don't let the brightly coloured letters outside put you off because the accolades ring true.

From being greeted at the door to the end of the excellent meal the staff are friendly, polite and efficient.

The décor is understated and classic with the emphasis being very much on the quality of food on offer.

As with most Indian restaurants the menu is extensive, which always makes picking a dish quite difficult.

We were given poppadums to start with, which as well as the regular dips, had three samples with unique flavours. A green one was fragrantly flavoured with coriander and green chilli, the next with plum tomatoes and the last with cumin and lentils. They made a refreshing change.

For starters I went for the mushroom bahar (£4.75). This was a mushroom covered in creamy, light melted cheese, a sprinkling of minced lamb and covered in a crispy breadcrumb shell.

This was covered in a light tomato sauce.

It was a good change from the usual tandoori chicken I would order. The well cooked mushroom went very well with the tasty cheese, and the minced lamb was not overpowering.

My boyfriend, Tom, went for the monkfish tikka (£5.95), which was presented very well and had four cubes of the meaty fish.

The flavour was fantastic, with just the right amount of spice and a BBQ flavour.

For the main course I went for a new addition on the menu- a pahari chicken (£11.95). It is a medium spiced, creamy curry packed with vegetables.

The chicken was tender and the sauce had a great heat to it with quite a kick at the end of a mouthful.

The added vegetables made it seem like a healthier dish.

Tom went for the gosht kata masala (£9.50), which had a rich, casserole taste to it.

The tender lamb was braised golden brown and the rich sauce was fairly hot.

We also had a lovely side dish of mixed vegetables including baby sweetcorn and broccoli (£5.25), which cashew nuts sprinkled in for good measure.

To add to this we sampled the peshwari naan and a naan which was flavoured with wild mushrooms and truffle oil (£3.95). This was quite a rich naan bread as truffle oil is very strongly flavoured, but it is a nice change from the usual choices.

The quality of the food was excellent- the attention to detail is superb. I also loved the different choices on the menu and I am impressed at the way they are trying new things.

The meat is a good quality, the sauces are not greasy and the presentation is excellent. The staff are also brilliant as they are friendly and welcoming. I would recommend this restaurant in an instant.

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