A BUCKS boy voiced the main character for a CBeebies show.

Elliot Kerley, who goes to Jackie Palmer Stage School, was the voice of Bing in a new animation series called Bing, adapted from the Bing Bunny books by Ted Dewan.

Nine-year-old Elliot took the part of Bing Bunny, who is three-years-old and encountered new experiences in each episode.

Mark Rylance took on his first ever role for children's television as the voice of the character Flop, who was Bing's companion.

Bing stories were small but they were full of drama; everyday dramas that all young children and the grown-ups in their lives will recognise, from taking a bath to making a smoothie.

Each episode was told in real time and from Bing’s point of view.

Additional characters, developed specially for this television adaptation included Bing’s best friends Sula and Pando and his cousins Coco and Charlie.