Name: Berry Burton
Age: 58
Occupation: Business developer
Pub : The Black Lion, Bourne End

How long have you been coming here for?
For about nine months

What do you usually drink?
Real ale

Where do you usually sit?
It depends on how many of us are coming, like yesterday there were 20 of us. But we usually like to mix in. [Berry usually goes to the pub for lunch]

Do you think pubs still have a place in society?
Definitely. They are the social centre of any community, village. It's important to everyone as a place to exchange information on what's going on on your local area.

Do you think the pubs of today have changed in comparison to the olden days?
Pubs in general have definitely changed. The majority focus now is more on food rather than on drinks.

Why have you chosen to come to this one?
What makes a good pub is great beer, good food and focus on service and that's the reason why I've chosen this one. Because their focus is definitely on the customer.

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