Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong, both of TOWIE fame, are taking part in a new advertising campaign to highlight the dangers of cosmetic surgery, and the images are pretty strong.

Amy has previously spoken of her regret over undergoing surgery – she had her breasts augmented at the age of 18 – but now she is turning her back on going under the knife to alter her looks.

Amy Childs
Amy Childs takes a stand against cosmetic surgery (Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images)

The reality TV star, 26, also once compared herself to singer Pete Burns – who has undergone over 300 procedures – after going “overboard” on her lips.

But now she is doing her bit to promote the work non-surgical aesthetic specialist 3D-lipo and will appear on billboards across the UK from next month, alongside TOWIE star Danielle.

The images are hard to look at, and that’s the point: both young women are seen lying in coffins, looking picture perfect in an operating theatre.

Danielle Armstrong
Danielle Armstrong in the 3D-lipo campaign (3D-lipo)

The campaign has aptly been called ‘Dying to be Beautiful’, and encourages people to go down another route to achieve their dream appearance.

Managing Director of 3D-lipo, Roy Cowley said: “The message of our Dying to be Beautiful campaign is very simple, exactly that; you don’t need to die to look great.

“3D-lipo offer non-surgical treatments for permanent fat loss and skin tightening which are just as effective as surgical alternatives, if not better and also cost a fraction of the price and pose no risk to your health or life.

Amy Childs
Amy Childs (3D-lipo)

“We’re urging the UK to think before they go under the knife.”

3D-lipo offers those wishing to shift a bit of fat or cellulite, or tighten skin, the chance to do so without having to undergo surgery.

It’s a bit of an extreme message to send out, though, so will it work on the nation?

Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong
Amy Childs and Danielle Armstrong (3D-lipo)