It is one of the most delicious musical feasts on the circuit as the Opera Della Luna delighted an enraptured audience at Windsor’s Theatre Royal.

Playing for just three nights at the ‘Royal this company has breathed fresh life into what some die hard devotees are now calling a ‘new wave’of Gilbert and Sullivan productions.

Witty, satirical and in 1970s dress, Opera Della Luna brought one of the little known G & S works to the stage and left us in no doubt about the future of touring opera.

The Sorcerer was G & Ss first success but ODL has brought it up to date from as Victorian village is swapped for ’70s rural rumpy pumpy.

John Wellington Wells, a dealer in magic, causes mayhem and chaos by placing a powerful aphrodisiac in the village hall teapot as annual festivities for the locals get under way.

What happens next is a series of unequivocal amorous misunderstandings as, once taken, the love drug allows you to fall in love with the first person you see, with nearly disastrous consequences.

All the characters from the village squire, Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, his son Alexis, the vicar, the area’s Lady and her daughter, a church worker and her daughter too al find fast love in a merry go-round of romance before the dust settles and the sorcerer reverses his spell.

And in true G & S style, everything turns out alright in the end as the right partners find true love.

The whole company is terrific. The songs delightful and most obviously G & S. But it is the new spin from this great cast and village band settled on the side of the stage which makes the production.

Opera Della Luna is innovative, imaginative and inventive. Its grasp on musical theatre is astounding and director Jeff Clarke should be applauded for bringing a new spirit of the age to G & S.

The Sorcerer gives you Love Potion Number 9 and this quite brilliant company will stay in your heart forever.

Opera Della Luna returns to the Theatre Royal Windsor in March 2010 with its saucy and acclaimed production of Die Fledermaus.

Followers of this growing cult musical company are known as LUNAtics. You’d be mad to miss out.