A restaurant caught leaving mountains of rubbish out on the street say they are still “working” on finding a solution to the problem – despite promising to address it months ago.

The Ivy Marlow Garden was accused of not “genuinely caring” about the footpath in the High Street after it was blocked by a mountain of rubbish bags from the restaurant in August this year.

Resident Tony Rickard feared the rubbish outside the restaurant could force pedestrians off the footpath and on to the road when passing by, and said the rubbish had driven him to walk his dogs on the main road.

In another email to the Ivy Marlow Garden, seen by the Marlow Free Press, Mr Rickard accused the restaurant of not following through on promises made in the summer to provide a “more effective solution that does not impact the pavement and its users as much”.

He wrote: “Despite many promises being made by management at The Ivy, it would appear that actions speak louder than words. 

“If my memory serves me right, we were told, via statements made to the Bucks Free Press, that rubbish would no longer adversely impact pedestrians.”

He took pictures over a three-week period in October and earlier this month, which he said “represent repeat behaviours”.

He added: “Clearly I can see that the rubbish is being stacked outside your neighbour’s property (the Jack Wills shop), but this was not the resolution stated by Ivy management to prevent recurrence of my original complaint.”

Matthew Carter-Burwell, of Caprice Holdings Ltd, which runs a spate of luxury restaurants across the country, including the Ivy Marlow Garden, said the restaurant was working with rubbish collectors to minimise the amount of time the rubbish is left outside the premises.

He said: “The plan that we put in place over the summer was that [the rubbish] would be put out first thing in the morning by staff to be collected.

“We appreciate that it is out for an hour or longer at times and that is because the staff do not always know when the rubbish collectors are going to come around.

“The restaurant is working with the rubbish collection company to find out where they are 10 minutes before so they can put the rubbish out.

“We hope this will minimise the amount of time that it is left outside the restaurant.”