Marlow residents are being encouraged to have their say on two potential developments on the town’s Green Belt.

Developers want to build the new homes on land on the edge of town in a bid to help young people buy and elderly people to downsize.

Earlier this month, more than 120 people turned out to a consultation to find out more about the plans, which could see more than 100 new homes built across two sites in Marlow – Berwick Road and Seymour Court Road – both of which are on Green Belt land.

Now, Great Marlow Parish Council (GMPC) wants residents to “give due consideration of the future ramifications to life around Marlow” as a result of the developments and to make any concerns known to both their parish and district councillors.

Kenneth Muller, GMPC chairman, who said he attended the consultation at the Perch Café, said: “In particular, the key considerations, relating to the likely impact from, up to, 119 new dwellings in that area of the town, are additional increases in traffic congestion and in the ever growing insufficiency in parking provision.

“Furthermore, there will be three hundred plus new registrations at the Marlow GP Surgery, along with a sizeable number of children looking for places at the already oversubscribed Sandgate Primary School, which would serve the catchment area of the two proposed new housing sites.”

The proposed development for Barley Gate, at Berwick Road, falls within Great Marlow, which means that the parish council will be required to respond to concerns and questions by residents about this particular development, which could to see between 30 to 40 houses built on the site if given the green light.

Mr Muller added: “Whilst all of the parish councillors accepted the pressing need for more affordable housing within the Marlow area, deep concerns were expressed about the Barley Gate development proposal, as a material change in its designated status would set a precedent for housing developers to encroach further onto currently protected surrounding land, such as Munday Dean and the two fields below Seymour Plain.

“Last week’s budget has highlighted, yet again, the desperate need for towns across most parts of the UK, and, especially in and around London and the home counties, to provide for a massive and sustained increase in affordable new housing, suitable for both younger first time buyers and for the older population in downsizing.

“Nowhere more so is this affordable housing shortage patently evident than across the majority of Buckinghamshire.

“However, it remains the pressing responsibility of all tiers of local councils within Bucks to facilitate this essential increase in new affordable housing provision, whilst ensuring the requisite supporting infrastructure and local services are appropriately expanded, adequately funded and staffed for the future benefit of the entire local community.”

IM Land spokesman Tristan Robinson said the firm would work with Wycombe District Council on “bringing homes forward” with the “right” set-up, after a number of residents raised concerns about traffic and infrastructure at the consultation.

He added: “Many residents who attended raised concerns about the ever increasing house prices in Marlow and the struggle of younger people looking to get on the housing ladder.

“With the Wycombe Local Plan Consultation underway, we think there is an opportunity to look again at how to provide new homes in Marlow up to 2031.

“Affordable housing options could include social housing for those on the housing waiting list, shared ownership options for younger people looking to get on the property ladder and potentially low cost market housing too.

“This would all be in line with Wycombe District Council’s policy.”