A transport chief has been forced to defend himself after he was accused of being “completely biased” about controversial parking plans for Marlow.

Wycombe district councillor for Marlow south east Suzanne Brown said Mark Shaw, Bucks County Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for transportation, was “biased and determined to [push the plans through]” following a radio interview alongside Marlow Society chairman Martin Blunkell earlier this month.

Speaking to Marlow Nostalgia writer Michael Eagleton, who presents The Eclectic Light Show on Marlow FM each week, Cllr Brown said: “Mark Shaw is completely biased and he’s determined to do it anyway which I think is disgraceful.

“Mr Shaw didn’t answer any questions straight at all. He just didn’t have the answers.

“This is Bucks County Council trying to get money out of Marlow’s pockets to fund their parking deficit and that’s what they said at the meeting.

“What’s your parking deficit got to do with Marlow? Nothing. And the money you collect, where does it go? It goes to Aylesbury.”

A cabinet member report into the parking review in the town claims that on-street parking accounts for just 17 per cent of Marlow town centre’s parking capacity which is currently free, and the subject of the county council’s review.

It says the other 83 per cent is off-street parking which people pay for, and is run by Wycombe District Council.

The report also states that parking enforcement in Marlow and its legal process currently cost £17,000 more than income from parking penalties, the bill for which is footed by council taxpayers.

Responding to Cllr Brown’s criticisms, Mr Shaw said the county council cared “very much” about Marlow and its future.

He said: “We’ve given serious consideration to the detailed parking surveys and leading industry advice in trying to develop a solution that will work to increase parking availability and create capacity, which is one of the problems the people of Marlow, and its many visitors, would expect us to solve.

“The proposals for a parking management scheme for Marlow will, I believe, serve to enhance the town centre, stimulate footfall and give those who want to park on-street a fairer chance of a space.

“We’ll be consulting residents, businesses and the wider public in the New Year, and we'll consider all the feedback we receive before formulating the final scheme.”

A consultation is expected to launch in the new year.