Hundreds of frustrated Marlow residents have been left without internet for weeks after a car careered into a BT cabinet on a busy town centre road last month – and fear it could be two more months before it returns.

People living in Claremont Road, Claremont Gardens and surrounding areas have been suffering through an internet outage since a driver crashed into a green BT cabinet at the bottom of Dean Street on November 9.

The crash in the early hours of the morning caused the entire electricity cabinet to “fly into the air” and land the other side of a fence, according to eyewitnesses. It left a woman injured.

More than a month on from the crash and angry residents living near the town centre are still without a reliable connection – with some who usually work from home unable to get their jobs done.

Sue Dexter, who lives in Claremont Gardens and works from home five hours a day, said all her neighbours are experiencing the same “appalling” problems.

She said: “Apparently, a lady drove into the internet control box on Dean Street some weeks ago and everyone's internet was down.

“Weeks later, we find our internet shutting down on a daily basis three times a day and we are  unable to get a satisfactory answer as to why from BT who are our internet provider.”

Tony and Jo Bingham, who live on nearby Claremont Road, said they were not satisfied with the response they have had about their concerns.

Mr Bingham said: “We are not at all happy with the service and repair response we are getting regarding the incident resulting from the car crashing into the BT box.

“Our internet supplier is Utility Warehouse who themselves are unable to get any sensible communication with BT OpenReach and this is all very frustrating.

“We are getting intermittent Wi-Fi access and it is all very annoying, especially as I run my business from home.”

Another Claremont Road resident, who did not want to be named, added that repairs had been carried out at the cabinet, but it is currently running on batteries that need to be changed three times a day.

He said: “We have been told it could be February before it is fixed properly. The connection is very bad and there are times when we lose it completely.

“People just feel very hopeless. They can’t find out what’s happening from BT and everyone just feels angry that it isn’t deemed to be important. We are expected to just get on with it.”

A statement from a BT spokesman said the company is working to get the internet connection back as soon as possible.

It said: “We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by the temporary power solution. Restoring the mains power connection is absolutely a priority for us and we are working to secure the earliest possible date for it to be re-connected.”