A new Mediterranean restaurant recently opened in Marlow has now unexpectedly closed with residents unsure if will reopen.

Last week a notice was placed in the front door on the restaurant saying the landlords have “formally taken possession of the ground floor”.

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An unnamed source has told the Bucks Free Press that this was because the tenants have “set off the fire alarms five times in a few weeks and set fire to the back of the building”.

The possession notice:

Bucks Free Press:

Since then the notice has been replaced by signs reading “we are currently closed due to gas and electric problems”.

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The restaurant's website states that they will be opening again soon but we are unable to confirm this with their phone line ringing straight to voicemail.

An “Email Delivery Failure” message is also received when contacting the restaurant on the two different email addresses provided on their website.

The sign replacing the possession notice:

Bucks Free Press:

The restaurant is still fully furnished with all the lights turned off inside.

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A Facebook post was published marking Father’s day but no other update has been provided by the restaurant since the notices.

The Bucks Free Press has contacted the solicitors who are involved in the possession notice and will provide an update as soon as we get it.