HE has been interviewed on national radio, advised leading businesses and even engaged celebrities on how to minimise their carbon footprints.

But a trip to Westminster to speak in front of dozens of MPs and environmental activists was new territory for climate change coach and Marlow man Dave Hampton.

Yet the seasoned speaker confidently delivered his message despite speaking opposite the House of Lords on the hallowed turf usually reserved for renowned political correspondents.

“A big crowd had gathered, I counted about 20 politicians during the afternoon and that was on top of at least 50 spectators,” explained Mr Hampton.

“I was very nervous, what’s more they had a very good PA system which picked up every little peep.

“And because it was so loud people walking past on the streets were also stopping, staring and listening!”

The 51-year-old campaigning consultant had been asked by the UK Youth Climate Coalition to speak about its Adopt an MP project.

And he was accompanied by prestigious speakers in the form of the Under Secretary of State for International Development, Stephen O’Brien, and the Green Party’s first-ever MP, Caroline Lucas.

The initiative aims to encourage environmentally conscious youngsters to actively participate in local politics by getting in contact with their MPs.

Concerns regarding cycle lanes and recycling projects have already been put to politicians across the UK.

Adopt an MP campaign manager, Jake Leeper, explained: “We can’t keep carrying on as we are, relying on fossil fuels in an environment that won’t provide us with a safe future. “I would encourage everyone to adopt their MP and hold them accountable to secure the green jobs and low-carbon services that we all deserve.”

More than 375 young people have already adopted their MPs across the country.

But Dominic Grieve, MP for Marlow and Beaconsfield, is still awaiting his first adoption.

Mr Hampton added: “Some MPs have already been adopted seven times, so Mr Grieve may be feeling a little lonely.

“Let’s make Dominic Grieve the most adopted MP in the country!”