DEAD swans, ducks and fish have been discovered at a polluted stream.

Walkers and residents living nearby The Moor, near Church Lane, Little Marlow, have spotted deceased birds floating on the water.

A number of pikes have also been found dead and dog owners have reported their pets becoming sick after going into the lake.

The Environment Agency said pollution had been traced to a surcharging manhole, owned by Thames Water.

EA spokesman Michelle Southby said: "The blockage in the manhole has been cleared and the discharge stopped. Approximately six dead fish were discovered at the scene. Officers are investigating." It is unclear what has caused the deaths of the other creatures.

Craig Rance, spokesman for Thames Water, said: "A blockage in a manhole cover caused sewage to flow into the stream on The Moor on Thursday, November 15. "This has now cleared but we will be doing a CCTV survey of the pipes to make sure there are no further problems.

"Unfortunately, six dead fish were found but we believe these to be the only animals that were affected. Any pollution incident is deeply regrettable and we're very sorry for the damage this has caused."

Martin Braint, pictured with Sally Wilkie and Sue Hoodson, was one of the residents who found the lifeless animals.

He said: "When the spillage first happened I saw a couple of dead ducks but people thought it was just duck shooting season. But there has also been swans which have died on the lake.

"Pikes are scavengers, it's quite unusual for them to die."

He has also discovered another dead bird by the polluted area since.

Marlow resident Steph Tate took her dog, Stanley, a Jack Russell for a walk on November 22 and then be became sick.

"It was a little bit coincidental that he fell ill over the weekend, he couldn't eat, had terrible diarrhoea and lost a lot of weight," she said.

"I don't know for sure whether it's related or not because we've walked in other places as well but I'm a little suspicious."