READERS will be sickened to learn that some beef burgers sold by leading UK supermarkets contain almost 30 per cent horse meat. They may be more shocked that in 2011, 8,118 horses were slaughtered in the UK. The majority would have been ordinary riding ponies, while 1,127 were thoroughbreds, discarded by the racing industry.

If that is a sombre thought, then reflect for a moment on the animals who make up the remaining 70 per cent of that burger. Each year in the UK alone, approximately 1,000 million animals (not including fish) are farmed and killed for food – around three million of that number are cows.

Animal Aid’s website has recent footage of cows, pigs, goats, sheep and horses, all taken inside UK slaughterhouses, and the grim truth is plain to see. All animals feel fear and pain. If you care about those horses who were killed for their meat, then please spare a thought for all the other animals, and make the compassionate decision. Adopt an animal-free diet.

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Fiona Pereira Campaigner, Animal Aid, Bradford Street Tonbridge