EXTERMINATING extreme poverty is the ambitious goal of a Marlow activist inspired by his mum who was abandoned at just one day old.

Nick Horslen, of Spinfield Lane, the county’s only volunteer ambassador for the Global Poverty Project, wants townsfolk to join his crusade ahead of a major world conference to be hosted in the UK this summer.

Mr Horslen’s mother was abandoned by her parents on the streets when she was one day old, but was lucky enough to find someone who cared.

He said: “That does not happen in our country so often anymore, but we only need to look back 50 to 100 years ago to find that social stigma and poverty.”

Despite a rocky entrance into this world, Joan grew up to become mother of five and throughout life helped others whenever possible.

Mr Horslen decided to follow his mother’s footsteps and engaged himself into helping the under-developed after tragedy struck the family in 2012 when his sister died in South America during a tropical storm.

Mr Horslen then took up the role with the Global Poverty Project and has witnessed great achievements, such as the nearly complete eradication of Polio. To achieve even more he is hoping to find 100 volunteers this year – and appealed to Marlovians.

Mr Horslen said: “We could be the first generation to exterminate extreme world poverty; we only need to put our minds to it.”

The 39th G8 summit will be held in Northern Ireland on June 17 and 18.