In last week’s newspaper you reported on developer David DeChambeau’s proposal to place two massive 4.5 metre (14ft 9ins) diameter Archimedean screws on Marlow Weir, a few feet from the windows of the Compleat Angler’s restaurant. The screws are projected to generate a small amount of very expensive electricity. David DeChambeau is the managing director of Southeast Power Engineering (SEPEL). You quote him as saying, “Everywhere I have put in a hydropower system I’ve dramatically improved the environment for fish – and humans of course. But for fish specifically.”

On the ‘Projects’ page of the SEPEL website (, it is stated: “Southeast Power Engineering has a variety of projects underway or under investigation in the UK, Europe and the USA.”

On the ‘Home’ page it is stated: “By selecting appropriate technology and utilising creative construction techniques, Southeast Power Engineering is leading the way in developing carbon free power and developing the natural resources in the UK, Europe and the USA, in environmentally sound ways.”

On the ‘Contact us’ page of the website David DeChambeau is described thus: “He has spent his career in the design, construction and operation of geographically dispersed projects. Most recently he was responsible for the design and construction methods for the first hydropower system on the River Thames at the Romney Weir just below Windsor Castle.”

Mr Dechambeau gave a presentation to Marlow Town Council at Court Garden on March 7. He was asked to name the worldwide hydropower projects referred to on SEPEL’s website which were either in progress or completed. He replied that the (then uncompleted) Romney Weir project in Windsor was the only one.

Following our visit to the Romney Weir project on February 19, I emailed and then wrote to Mr DeChambeau. He has not replied to my emails or my letter requesting to know where these hydropower projects are. Perhaps the Free Press could ask Mr DeChambeau to say where the hydropower systems that he has put in everywhere are located? Your readers will then be able to see and judge for themselves all the various hydropower schemes where Mr DeChambeau and SEPEL have improved the environment for fish and humans.

Mike Post, Marlow