FIREFIGHTERS were called out to a series of suspected arsons in High Wycombe during the early hours of the morning – with six cars in three different locations found within an hour.

Police also attended and are investigating the blazes after High Wycombe, Beaconsfield and Marlow fire crews were called out from 4am onwards.

Three cars were wrecked in the first apparent arson, which led to a call out just after 4am to a service road off Lane End Road.

Then firefighters were called out 4.44am after being alerted two cars were ablaze on Crest Road.

A team from Marlow fire station had to go out for a third car fire – with the other crews occupied. A single vehicle was found alight in Longland Way, High Wycombe.

Watch Manager Andy Ward attended the first suspected arson.

The first two cars, which were parked nose to tail, were badly damaged and the third, which was about 15m away had some interior damage to the passenger side.

He said it was a significant blaze because of the large amount of combustible materials such as plastic and rubber.

He said: “It was down a service road so it wouldn't necessarily at that time of the morning have been that visible, anyone passing probably wouldn't have seen it.

“They might have smelt it but you'd have to be on Roundwood Road area, the back of new Road. “People up there might have seen something, but not driving by I would have said.”

There was also another suspected arson earlier in the night on Gypsy Lane, Stoke Poges. A single car was set on fire.

It is not known at this stage if any of the suspected arsons are being linked.

Police have not released any details on the fires as yet but the fire service said officers were investigating.