TOYAH Willcox would not divulge if she was a feminist or not. But she was able to tell me all her about her current show, Hormonal Housewives, which she is said is most definitely not a feminist show, and which has been making women (and even a few men) laugh up and down the country.

The singer and actress has had a varied career and found herself in some difficult situations, including being in a dressing room with Jimmy Saville. Talking about what makes women tick, Julie Coombe, Sarah Jane Buckley and Toyah Willcox, are enjoying themselves on stage in Hormonal Housewives.

Covering all topics from competitive mums at the school gates, erotic literature to waxing at the start of a relationship it seems a far cry from Toyah's punk rock days where she had hits with I Wanna Be Free, Thunder in The Mountains and Good Morning Universe.

But the 55-year-old is clearly a multi-tasker and is still touring with her band later in the year.

She said of Hormonal Housewives: "It is absolutely fantastic. It is surprisingly huge.

"It's theatre , it's spring. You never know how ticket sales are going to go.

"We are just selling out every where we go.

"A lot of theatres are telling us it is the most successful show they have had."

She said the majority of theatre goers are woman- about 70 per cent- and this is a show that features women about women.

Toyah added: "Blokes go to the pub and watch sports. Women like to go and do something that is different.

"Women come to this show, they have a drink.

"They are pretty sensible and they enjoy themselves.

"They have a wine and a G&T and with friends.

"We create a very warm, welcoming safe atmosphere for them.

"The show is absolutely naughty- it is naughty with a big smile. It is school girl naughty."

The three women talk directly to the audience- it is scripted but with improvisation. They play six different characters and talk about things close to women's hearts.

But do any men go to see it?

Toyah said: "Out of 900 women there are about six men. They tend to love it. They are very brave to be there.

"We are not feminists- we are not man bashing- we love them being there."

And when I asked if she was a feminist herself she chose not to say.

She has been in the spotlight since the age of 18 when she starred in a BBC2 drama called Glitter with Phil Daniels. And through the years she has had her ups and downs, like most people, but has always loved her work.

She said: "I very much enjoy the moment. That is something I had to learn.

"Rather than thinking and worrying about the future- be in the moment and make the most of it.

"It is an incredibly important thing. Time goes so quickly."

She has been through her ups and downs, and been placed in some very tricky situations, including being alone in a dressing room with Jimmy Saville.

She said: "I had to interview him for the Daily Mail in 2000. I had to follow him around the whole day. It was one of the last Top of the Pops he made.

"They wanted me to be the feature writer on him. I was interviewing him.

"Everyone though he was strange- everyone always said he was strange- there were always rumours .

"In September 2000 I was interviewing him. There was no scandal, nothing to reveal- he revealed nothing.

"When we think back in retrospect, knowing what we know now, you think 'Oh my God I was in a room alone with him.'"

But she is clearly a fighter. And continues to work in a variety of jobs.

Later this year she is touring with her band again, who have had incredible success.

She even played at Wembley, which she said was "electrifying."

She said: "Wembley is a dream come true. It was absolutely great.

"When I started my career the biggest place to perform was Wembley."

But for now she is enjoying life to the full making people laugh on stage.

Hormonal Housewives is at the Wycombe Swan on May 26 at 7.30pm. Tickets range from £19.50 to £23.50 from 01494 512000 or go to

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