INJURY victims and the ill will be directed away from A&E and into the replacement Minor Injuries and Illness Unit in Wycombe Hospital through a new publicity drive.

Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust is planning a campaign to make Bucks residents more aware of the new unit, which came into effect last winter when the emergency medical centre closed.

Patients have been going to Stoke Mandeville A&E or other nearby hospitals such as Wexham Park.

The trust's board papers, released this week, read: "While the MIIU is well attended, there is more scope for patients with minor injuries in particular to use it in place of the A&Es at Stoke Mandeville and Wexham Park.

"A new publicity campaign is therefore being planned.

"There will be a particular focus on targeting people in postcodes which sit between the MIIU and Stoke Mandeville, and the MIIU and Wexham Park and an emphasis on the expertise in minor injuries and the speed of time to treatment which the MIIU can provide."

The report said: "Materials will be tested with patient groups before they are published.

"Later in the year, a social marketing campaigns being launched aimed at people who currently use the two A&Es inappropriately, because they offer convenience and a ‘one stop shop’.

"Many of these patients could self treat, with advice, or could see a GP or pharmacist.

"Both 111 and the out of hours GP service will be promoted as alternatives to A&E."