WYCOMBE Labour has accused the county council and the Government of not heeding its warnings after a national report exposed major failings in Bucks' hospitals.

Dr Linda Derrick, spokesman for the district branch of the party, said Tories at Westminster and Aylesbury had done nothing since it raised concerns about the Better Healthcare in Bucks changes, which included Wycombe Hospital losing its emergency medical centre.

Dr Linda Derrick, the party's press officer, said: "Last year, before the transfer, Wycombe Labour Party submitted a substantive response to the Better Healthcare proposals detailing our opposition to the transfer.

"In March 2012, Wycombe Labour Party wrote to the Secretary of State for Health asking him to intervene to ensure the consultation was carried out properly and complied with the law. He did nothing.

"In May 2012, Wycombe Labour Party wrote again to Lansley with our concerns that the healthcare system in Bucks would become a complete shambles. He did nothing."

She said County Hall did nothing after the party gave evidence of why the changes should not take place and still does not act on warnings of a national A&E crisis this winter.

She claimed however, the trust was working well considering what she called the risky changes made by the Government to health.

Bucks County Council, however, pointed out that on July 18, a working group was formed by the health select committee in response to the Keogh Report. The first meeting of the working group was set to take place yesterday.

Spokesman Graham Skegg said: "Its remit will include all aspects of the Keogh Review, and is likely to look at the wider configuration of health service provision, including the issues of concern in the Wycombe area.

"The working group will carry out its research during August and September, and then will use the opportunity of the Health Select Committee meeting on September 26 to directly question the managers of the county’s health services on its preliminary findings.

"The group’s full report will then be compiled based on these responses."

The Department for Health was asked to comment but had not at the time of going to press.

Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust did not wish to comment.