A HIGH Wycombe health campaigner is calling on residents to help create an online mosaic in a new twist on the call to bring back hospital services to the town.

The idea is for people to take photos of their hand in either the 'stop' position, writing a message if they wish, or in the position as the Bucks Free Press' Hand Back Our Hospital logo. The pictures will be added through Facebook, Twitter and email to create a collage.

The social media picture protest is the brainchild of teacher Ozma Hafiz, 32, who is also hoping to get the support of celebrities.

The Twitter page has 436 followers.

Ozma said: "I was born in Wycombe Hospital and spent many holidays there as a student both volunteering and working so it has a special place in my heart. However my main reason for campaigning is that the hospital is a vital resource.

"The idea is it's just a very quick way for people to show they support the return of services to Wycombe Hospital, and want further downgrading to stop.

"I'm encouraging people to talk to those around them, take photos at any local events they go to, and if they spot celebs. Will also be asking celebs on Twitter in the hope they take part.

"I‘ve felt for some time now that we very much need a big demonstration with a petition along side it and have dreamt of the whole community standing side by side on the High Street and beyond.

"However in order for that to take place I’ve realised that we need to have some sort of build up."

The campaigner said: "It is absolutely imperative that we have resources here. It is not an unreasonable ask that a town the size of Wycombe has it’s own A&E, full maternity, overnight children’s services etc.

"Not only for our benefit, but for all those around us, working here, visiting, passing through and so on.

"I wish we didn’t have to fight for services. However this is just too important for us to let go. I’m ever hopeful that common sense will prevail and we’ll see a return of services here."

Join the campaign by emailing handbackourhosp@live.co.uk, going to www.facebook.com/events/545677585480592/#!/events/545677585480592/ or follow on Twitter @HandBackOurHosp