A COVERS band from High Wycombe is building on a successful string of gigs by laying down studio tracks before hitting the road again this autumn.

Against All Odds started out in 2010 and have since built up a strong following after performing extensively in pubs and venues in the area.

The aptly named foursome, who all face obstacles in the shape of various medical conditions, even travelled as far as Wales for a booking when they played a wedding gig at Caerphilly Castle in April.

And the members put their success as a covers outfit down to the different musical influences each member brings to the table.

Drummer Patrick Cleaver, aka Patch, said: "When we got together, we wanted to do covers but to write and perform our original material as well.

"It was definitely a case of trying to work up a good covers set to perform in pubs and dropping a couple of our own into performances.

"Our influences range from blues, jazz, rock and roll, funk and our guitarist is into his country music, so there’s a lot to draw on.

"It definitely helps our covers set because we’re all into different stuff and all have something new and varied to bring to the band. "A couple of us have DJ’d too so we know a lot about what people like in different venues.

"I suffer from epilepsy, the singer has asthma, the guitarist is blind in one eye and out bassist is partially sighted, so I guess it’s a unique selling point!"

Against All Odds are currently taking a break from gigging, and are in the studio laying down tracks to bolster their recorded repertoire.

With ages ranging from 24 to mid-30s, the band is under no illusions about the likelihood of hitting the big time.

But with a touring schedule set to start back up in October, Patch is confident the rockers will enjoy a busy period as the bookings start to roll in.

He said: "The priority is to secure more bookings so we’re recording some of our old covers and learning some fresh new ones to put down on a demo to take to different venues.

"We would all love it if we could make music for a living, but we all know it’s not realistic, as we’re beyond the age for getting a record deal.

"But you can’t beat the buzz of going out in front a live audience and seeing all of your hard work pay off with people up dancing - there’s nothing like it."

To find out more about the band, visit their website www.aao-band.com

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