A BEACONSFIELD church will broadcast its service live across the airwaves this weekend as a BBC crew moves in to pull up a pew.

Latimer Minster, which meets at Stampwell Farm on the A40 between Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross, has been chosen for Radio 4’s ‘Back to Church Sunday’ programme this weekend.

The move by the BBC comes as part of the ‘Back to Church Sunday’ initiative, which aims at getting regular church-goers to invite families and friends to a service.

The Church of England church is led by Rev Francis Orr-Ewing, known to his congregation as Frog, and was selected by the BBC because of its close involvement with young adults and young families.

Rev Frog said: “Back to Church Sunday’ is a great national initiative and we at Latimer Minster are so pleased to be able to be part of it this year.

“We love our church, not as a building but as a dynamic and loving community of people on a journey together. For us, our church is our home, not just a Sunday destination.”

The initiative is the biggest in the world and will involve thousands of churches both in UK and worldwide.

It seeks to encourage Christians from all denominations to invite families and friends to their local churches for a service.

John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford, said: “Latimer Minster is an exciting new venture in Christian community.

“Having heard its worship on Radio 4 I very much hope that many will be tempted to go back to church or to try it for the first time. There could be some good surprises!”

After assembling on Saturday for a full dress rehearsal, the service, based around the theme of ‘coming home’ will be aired on Radio 4 this Sunday at 8.10am.

For more information or to attend the Latimer Minster for the Sunday broadcast or the Saturday rehearsal, call the church office on 0300 303 8800.