THE Chief Executive of Buckinghamshire’s NHS trust has received the unequivocal backing of her board, despite calls from a councillor for her to resign.

Cllr Darren Hayday, Deputy Leader of the official opposition group at Bucks County Council, said Anne Eden should resign or be sacked in light of the Keogh Review into high hospital death rates.

But Fred Hucker, Chair of Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We need strong and determined leadership now and Ms Eden has the full support from myself and the board members to deliver this.

“We will work quickly and tirelessly with our dedicated doctors, nurses and support staff to deliver the action plan in full, as we work hard to get it right for each and every patient.

“Keogh helped to clarify where we need to improve and there is a clear action plan in place, monitored on a weekly basis, to ensure this happens.

“What the trust now needs is stability at this challenging time in order to actively respond to the recommendations made and to rebuild the confidence of our staff, patients and the public.”

But Cllr Hayday spoke of the desire, reflected in various campaigns, to bring back key services to Wycombe Hospital and turned up the heat on Ms Eden.

He said: “There’s been damning reports particularly the Keogh report, we have working parties, meetings, lots of talking, lots of fuzzy words but unfortunately there still isn’t anything being done.

“In the private sector if you make a series of mistakes you get sacked or do the right thing and resign.

“Anne Eden has been in position since 2006 gets paid £150k a year and a pension pot of £1.1m. These mistakes are on her watch.”

He asked Cllr Patricia Birchley, Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing: “Why is she still in her job? And as cabinet member why are you not insisting she is replaced?”

Cllr Birchley replied: “I can not tell you why in the public sector she hasn’t resigned, it's not my business it's entirely for the hospital trust.”

Cllr Julia Wassell blasted Cllr Hayday for linking up with UKIP, after he was elected as an independent.

She said: "I say its Darren Hayday that should resign.

"Who is Darren Hayday, who knows nothing at all, to judge health service managers?"

RESIDENTS calling for Wycombe Hospital's A&E unit, which was shut in 2005, to return, gathered this week at the site to show their support for the latest in a long line of health campaigns.

They are pictured above.

The petition, set up by Cllr Hayday, has gained 2,565 names so far.