THE body running Buckinghamshire's hospitals and healthcare services could be facing a £5million deficit by the end of the year.

The stark financial warning came at Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust's monthly board meeting in Aylesbury.

Tom Travers, Director of Finance, painted a gloomy picture of the organisation's monetary outlook as he told other health bosses and members of the public that forecasts were deteriorating.

He told the meeting on Wednesday: "After celebrating a reasonably strong financial performance in the AGM it's disappointing to report a concerning position as regards the trust finances as of month five.

"The position as it is reflected, it would be remiss not to report the movement in terms for forecast.

"While we are at break even to date you will see the combination of those factors have increased the risk range in terms of the trust's forecast outcome position.

"Worst case scenario has deteriorated from £3m deficit at year's end to a potential £5m deficit at year's end and it's that worst case scenario that our recovery action plan seeks to address.

"Clearly this level of financial performance is putting a lot of pressure on the cash position."

He added: "Operational issues continue to put pressure on budgets across the organisation.

"The urgent care pathway is driving excess cost through the A and E department and through the bed capacity of the organisation."

Clinical Commissioning Groups in Bucks have supported the trust with a £4.5m cash advance and daily dialogue is occurring with all relevant funding bodies, he added, to help the situation.

Temporary borrowing is being discussed with the NHS Trust Development Authority.