A PETITION has been signed by almost two thousand residents calling for a debate for the right of self determination for Kashmir.

Zafar Iqbal, chairman of the Wycombe Islamic Mosque and Mission Trust, handed over the document to Wycombe MP Steve Baker this week.

Mr Baker said he would work with Andrew Griffith MP, chairman of an All- Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir, to help Kashmiris secure a referendum on self determination.

The Wycombe MP held a landmark debate in the House of Commons on human rights in the sub-continent back in September 2011.

He said: “We have thousands of people in Wycombe who care about the situation in their homeland and I am happy to support them.

“The UN is doing more on self-determination, there’s the EU referendum - it’s time for them to have a referendum where Kashmiris decide whether they wish to be independent or part of another country.

“Because of our colonial history, India and Pakistan do not always want to hear our views or for the UK to be interfering in their affairs.

“But it is part of a tapestry of issues, as Kashmir is not just sandwiched between India and Pakistan – two nuclear powers – it also has China to the north.

“It’s an important part of the world and a challenge to find a way for the UK Government to say something that is constructive.”

The petition hand over at Mr Baker’s constituency office was attended by representatives of the International Chamber for Peace and Conciliation, residents as well as district and county councillors.

Kashmir has been a flashpoint between India and Pakistan for more than 60 years and was the spark between two of the three wars between the two nations.

The Line of Control divides Kashmir, with the Indian-administered Kashmir to the east and south, known by India as Jammu; and the Pakistani-controlled Kashmir to the north and west, named "Azad" (Free) Kashmir by Pakistan. China also controls a small area of Kashmir.