HIGH Wycombe and the Chilterns has become the next subject for paranormal phenomena writer Eddie Brazil.

Haunted High Wycombe is Eddie’s fourth book in a chilling series of ghostly tales and unexplainable paranormal activity.

He said: "I’ve been researching ghosts now for the last 45 years, I’ve lived in Wycombe since 1986 so it was just a natural interest for me to research the paranormal activity of the area.

"Britain is considered one of the most haunted islands in the world, but my research into high Wycombe has revealed that there are just as many ghosts in High Wycombe as there is anywhere else in the country."

Eddie who gave insight into the most haunted areas of the Chilterns said it was Penn village that had the most paranormal activity.

He said: "One account is of a woman was walking across the fields in daylight when she came across this odd frightful apparition, it was a man who seemed to have no head."

The book details areas in High Wycombe and its surrounding areas that are no stranger to paranormal activity.

Eddie said: "The book is for armchair ghost hunters, it’s for people interested in paranormal phenomena. It’s not fiction. These stories have been experienced by the public."

The most baffling research he did was that of The Wycombe Swan Theatre.

He said: "Strangely The Wycombe Swan appears to be haunted and that’s a relatively new building, the caretaker there was locking up one night and obviously the auditorium was empty but he looked and there was a person sitting in one of the chairs."

Eddie found inspiration for the paranormal as a ten-year-old living in London, after hearing disembodied footsteps.

He said: "I saw a door open on its own accord and there was nobody there and it absolutely terrified me. I ran out of the house and into the garden.

"I came back in when my grandmother came home, she looked at me and she knew that I'd experienced something. She had heard footsteps in the house, my dad had heard doors closing by themselves but they didn’t tell me and my brother because they were concerned it would frighten us."

Far from frightening him, this experience prompted him into researching all things paranormal and ghostly.

He said: "There are many theories about what a ghost is but we still don’t know what exactly a ghost is. All ghost hunters have their own theories; I believe that some part of a human being does survive after death."

Eddie offered some insight into the spooky sightings in the area. He said: "Some scientists believe that in a moment of stress, human beings release a certain energy which is absorbed into the fabric of the building such as the stones and it is stored there and recorded.

"This is what could be happening in Wycombe when they go into a pub etcetera, they’re not spirits of the dead, they could just be replays." Other paranormal activity in the book entails ghosts stepping in front of cars in Wooburn Moor, apparitions of a ghostly car on Abbey Barn Lane and a man stroking a dog in Totteridge.

Eddie said: "The town has got its fair share of ghosts, Wycombe is most definitely haunted.

"We have this reputation of being a typically middle class conservative town where nothing happens but ghosts do haunt the town."

Haunted High Wycombe is available to purchase for £9.99 on Amazon and other book retailers.

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