RESIDENTS who want Wycombe's A&E to return are being asked to take photos of their hands next Tuesday as part of a campaign.

Ozma Hafiz, 32, who has been leading a social media based protest about loss of services to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, hopes to eventually create a mosaic.

The idea is for people to take photos of their hand in either the 'stop' position, writing a message if they wish, or in the position as the Bucks Free Press' Hand Back Our Hospital logo.

Ozma said: "The basic idea is that people go about their day as they normally would, but use opportunities to discuss the hand campaign with people they know.

"For example talking to their colleagues in their lunch break, fellow parents on the playground, at the hairdressers, whilst putting the bins out, phoning a friend, etc.

"If you ask someone if you can take a picture of their hand, they’ll want to know why - it's a great talking point."

She hopes it will mean people sharing their stories and said the campaign, designed to be quick and easy, can bring about some good.

Wycombe Hospital's emergency medical centre, a downgraded service after A&E transferred in 2005, was also lost last year. There is now a minor injuries unit there.

Join the campaign by emailing, going to this Facebook page or follow on Twitter @HandBackOurHosp