AN ELECTRICAL engineer hanged himself after complaining of hearing voices, an inquest heard.

Paul Collins, 31, was found hanged by housemate Paul Hearn on October 10 this year in Neale Close, High Wycombe.

Mr Collins, who worked for Instron, in Cressex Industrial Estate, had told Mr Hearn that he had been hearing voices in the week leading up to his death.

Mr Collins, a bachelor, suffered from the mental illness Schizo-affective disorder, and had previously cut his own arms last year, Amersham Coroners' Court heard on Wednesday.

In a statement read at the inquest, Mr Hearn said he had found his best friend after returning from Asda in the evening. He said: "I asked Ian another housemate if he had seen Paul - he said no. I opened Paul's bedroom door. I saw Paul hanging in his bedroom. He was still. I came downstairs and told Ian not to go upstairs."

A note was found next to his body saying "sorry".

The inquest heard that the drugs Mr Collins was taking for his condition were at a low level in his blood. The antipsychotic drug he had to take was completely absent.

Coroner for Buckinghamshire, Richard Hulett, recorded a verdict of suicide.

The inquest heard that Mr Collins' family had been too upset to attend the hearing.