FRUSTRATION for HS2 campaigners continues to grow, with a date for a key Supreme Court judgement still to be announced.

The hearing was first held at the highest court in the land in October and judgement had been set to be announced before Christmas.

But a date has still to be set, with Chiltern District Council leader Nick Rose voicing his frustration at the delay at the authority's full council meeting last night.

He said: "We've heard absolutely nothing - no news at all. I can't say no news is good news, no news is just no news.

"However it's possible to conjucture if the Supreme Court decision had been easy, we might have heard at the end of last October."

At the hearing campaigners said the project's Strategic Environmental Assessment - outlining how the environment will be impacted by the scheme should have been undertaken before a government decision to proceed with HS2 was made in January 2012.

The Environmental Statement is now subject to a consultation which ends next Thursday, with Cllr Rose saying the timeframe was "ludicrously short".

He said: "This has created a collosal amount of work for this council in a very short space of time. We've established what can be best described as an operations room - some of our staff have been working overtime."