Pub: Scorpio’s in High Wycombe.

Name: Martin Harris

Age: 35

Job: Lorry driver

Lives: High Wycombe.

How long have you been drinking here? Longer than I should have been probably, on and off for about 20 years.

What is it that keeps you coming back? I come here for the pool table and the music. Now and again they have a reggae night which I like. I come for here my friends as well, obviously.

What do you normally drink? Fosters

Where do you normally sit? By the pool table, almost always.

When do you come here? After work, especially on Fridays. I’m a weekend warrior.

What are the staff like? They’re all very friendly. I don’t know many of them personally but they’re always been quite polite with me.

How would you sum up this pub? I would say this place has probably the best music going in town.

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