Names: Don and Chrissie Sillars

Pub: The Pomeroy, Amersham

How long have you been regulars here? Pretty much since it opened as The Pomeroy. It used to be a Thai restaurant before.

How often do you come here? About once a week - maybe twice every three weeks.

What do you like about this pub? We tend to use it more as a restaurant than a pub, and the reason we like it is the food's so good. It's reasonably priced, the atmosphere is good and the staff are very good.

Do you have a regular table? We have a particular table we seem to hit every time which allows you to see a fire - albeit an imitation gas fire - and if there's any sunshine you can see it through the window. Someone else has the table today though.

What's your usual tipple? A bottle of red wine. We usually go for Merlot but they've run out today so we've gone with Rioja.

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