Name: Amanda Davey

Age: 41

Job: Teacher

Lives: Totteridge Road

Pub: The Dolphin in Totteridge

How long have you been coming here? I have been coming here, I suppose, on and off for 11 years but more so since it was done up again as The Dolphin.

How often do you come here? Once or twice a week- every weekend.

What do you normally drink? Pinot Grigio and real ale for my partner, although there is not always a great deal of choice for him.

Do you have a place where you normally sit? Yes, by the fire. There are nice seats.

What do you like about it? Since it has been done up- it is bright and I like the décor. We do have the food here- everything is a good price which is one of the biggest things that brought us here. Obviously it is convenient. It's good for families- we can all come here and relax. I like the atmosphere. It is nice that there are a mix of ages. It very much used to be for a young male football crowd in here but it has really changed since then.

Do you think pubs still have a place in today's society? Completely. I think they are really important. Somewhere like this is great and chains like Wetherspoons as there are so many different types of alcohol. They tend to be part of the community as well.

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