A DEPRESSED man jumped off the top of a multi storey car park on his way to a therapy session, an inquest heard.

Andrew Tansley, 56, died on November 11 last year after he jumped from the top level of the car park at High Wycombe Railway Station.

The inquest at Beaconsfield Coroner's Court on Wednesday heard he lived with family in Bell Street, Princes Risborough and had suffered with depression in the past.

His son, Adam Tansley, said his dad had started feeling unwell on his birthday on October 24, and had been receiving treatment at the acute day hospital, Harlow House in High Wycombe.

He had been walking to the hospital from the bus station on the day he died.

Mr Adam Tansley said: "I just understood from speaking to him that he had been feeling bad again. He was having another of his episodes.

"He was actually being very proactive and doing something about it. It was the first time, I can recall, where he instantly recognised he was feeling bad and did something about it rather quickly and went to Harlow House to get the help he needed."

He had twice previously attempted to take his life, including once in 2011.

Mr Adam Tansley added: "I think, my view, having discussed it with other members of the family, I think he just started to believe his episodes were getting more frequent now. He couldn't see light at the end of the tunnel any more and thought the only option left was to take his own life."

Gary Mathias, a fatality inspector for British Transport Police, said CCTV showed Mr Tansley on the top level of the car park before he stepped on the barrier.

Claire Band, an occupational therapist at Harlow House, held an initial assessment with Mr Tansley on November 2 and he continued to attend the hospital throughout the week.

She said he was frustrated at his low mood as he had been doing well, and he could not see how he could get well again to the same level.

He said he wanted to go to sleep and to not wake up again and had thoughts about jumping off a building or running in front of a car.

Mr Tansley, who had attended Harlow House before, took part in the daily activities during the week and took an away day to see his GP to get a sickness certificate from work, where he was an out patient administrator at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

But the inquest heard Mr Tansley, who was divorced, had been made redundant from two previous jobs and he was concerned about having time off.

Coroner Richard Hulett said: "Mr Tansley was dogged by episodes of descending into depression for quite a long period of time."

He recorded a verdict that he took his own life and added: "He was on his way to Harlow House and I think he must have despaired for some reason at that moment and put this into action."