Name: Martin Akram

Age: 45

From: High Wycombe

Pub: The Beech Tree.

How long have you been coming up here? I have been up here all my adult life, since the mid 1980s. I used to drink in here and in The Terriers but since that closed down I’ve moved over here full time.

What is the pub like since the refurbishment? It’s a major transformation - it’s brought life back into a dying local, it has been completely revitalised. It ticks a lot of boxes - it’s big, has a nice conservatory, good beer etc.

Where do you sit? Just by the bar.

What do you drink? I like ale and the pub does good ales.

What’s the food like? They’ve got a new menu and it’s very good. It’s a bit pricier than its local competitors but you get what you pay for. The food is really good and the manager really cares what you think.

What is the landlord like? He’s doing a great job, he has put his heart and ambition into the pub and it’s really paying off.

What keeps you coming back? Everyone wants a good local and this is it. You can have a bit of friendly banter with the staff, since the refurbishment there’s been a lot of new faces in here - not just the John Waynes sitting in the same spot for thirty-odd years. It’s really good.

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