Name: David Cross

Job: A builder

From: Carrington Avenue in Flackwell Heath

Pub: The Flackwell Heath Royal British Legion in Common Road.

Why do you come here?

I like it a lot, it is local, beer is cheaper than most places, and they have the game machines, which I quite like playing. As it is local it has a good atmosphere too.

What is your favourite drink?

I always go for Lager, normally a Fosters.

Do you have a favourite place to sit?

Not really, I normally frequent over by the gaming machine.

Is it close enough to walk to?

It can be, but I mostly drive down depending where I am coming from.

What is the service like?

Really friendly, they are all really nice.

Why do you prefer drinking at a pub?

It is socialising, getting out of the house, meeting people and meeting with friends who are all enjoying themselves at the end of the day.

Do you think local pubs are still doing well?

They are dying a little bit I suppose but that is the way these things go. I don’t think there is anything like drinking at your favourite local though.