AN ILLUSTRATOR continues to go from strength to strength after her work was selected to be made into a poster to sell at the Tate in London.

Nicola Metcalfe from Marlow was over the moon when her bright colourful London landmarks’ poster was chosen to sell in both the London Tate Modern and Britain shops and online .

Now five of her colourful designs are available to buy from John Lewis. But she hasn’t forgotten where she came from, as she has made a poster for her home town of Marlow.

It all started when Nicola completed a St Ives project she was working on and sent it to the Tate in St Ives and at the same time copied in Tate London.

The Cornwall branch came back and said they only use artists local to them.

But Tate London got in touch and asked if she could do one of landmarks in London.

Nicola, 44, said: "I was a graphic designer. I was self employed for years, working for corporate clients, then I had children and then I found I didn't have time to work.

"Just in the last couple of years, when they are getting a bit older, I have got a bit more time."

Nicola is taking part in Bucks Open Studios. You can visit from June 9 to 20, during weekdays 11am to 2pm at 212, Marlow Bottom.

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