Pub: The Swan in Beaconsfield Old Town. 

Name: Andrew Galligan, 22.

How often do you come here?

I guess about five times a week, I mostly come in on weekends but I do try and pop in every now and then.

Why do you come here?

It is mainly because of the atmosphere and the staff.

How is the atmosphere different?

I think it is because it is friendly, it is very relaxed too. You can normally have a chat with anyone who walks through the door.

What do you drink?

I drink Ale normally, it doesn’t really matter which. Normally I just go for a guest Ale.

Do you have a favourite seat?

I normally stand over there towards the corner of the bar, it depends how busy it is.

Do your friends like it here too?

Yes we all come here, normally after the rugby on the weekend. I play for Beaconsfield rugby club.

Do you ever go anywhere else?

Sometimes, but we always normally seem to find our way here most of the time.