Name: Philip and Paige Hodsman

Age: 42

Lives: Great Missenden

Jobs: Sales and marketing

Pub: The Full Moon in Little Kingshill

How often do you go? Philip: There are so many pubs in the area we live. We walk there quite a lot. Probably a couple of times a month.

What do you usually drink? Philip: Ale. Paige is American and thought it was horrible and is now an ale advocate.

Paige: I was a particular beer drinker and I found most of the beers in pubs were a typical sort of mass marketed ale and I didn't like them. Then I found more of the smaller breweries and the local breweries and it makes a big difference when you have the local type of beers- they are nicely crafted ales.

Do you have a regular spot? Paige: We are not that regular!

Philip: We are still discovering the area and after a year and a quarter.

What do you love about it: Philip: It is a traditional pub. They have a guest ale. It is friendly.

Paige: The food is good and the prices are reasonable- I think that matters. The quality of the beer is important, and also the wine- which I sometimes drink in the summer.

Do you think pubs still have a place in today's society? Paige: Without a doubt.

Philip: Since moving here, we were in west London, where they have a lot of plastic pubs. Coming here you can see a lot of pubs which won't be threatened, if the food and the quality of drinks are good. They have a lot of community value. At a pub in London you are strangers but here people know each other.

Paige: A lot of people in the area gather at the pub in the summer time.

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