WORK on a new town centre cycle network will begin this month after a group of dedicated cyclists and the council won funding for the project.

Part-funded by the Government, the scheme involves new cycle lanes, signs, traffic calming, raised pedestrian crossings, and a mini roundabout.

The improvements come as a result of work Buckinghamshire County Council has done with the Beaconsfield Cycle Paths Action Group, and sustainable transport charity Sustrans, as well as Chiltern Railways.

For these improvements, the county council has secured around £500,000 in funding to improve cycling links around the town.

As part of the scheme, in April county councillor Adrian Busby unveiled new under-cover cycle parking at Beaconsfield railway station, doubling the number of spaces to 180.

The forthcoming improvements - around Station Road, Grove Road, Burkes Road, Maxwell Road and Ellwood Road - aim to make it easier to cycle to the station, control traffic speed, and make the new town safer for walkers, cyclists and motorists.

Ruth Vigor-Hedderly, Cabinet member for transport, said: “With all the recent work we have been involved in, such as increasing parking provision for cyclists at railway stations, it's great that we're now able to help improve safety for cyclists on the road in Beaconsfield.

“This type of scheme has seen success in other parts of Buckinghamshire and I hope Beaconsfield sees similar results.”

The work will begin on Monday, July 14 and last around six weeks.

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