Name: Annabelle Brocklebank


From: Naphill

How long have you been coming to The Black Lion?

For about 20-to-25 years, when we first moved to the area.

How often do you visit it?

Probably twice a week.

What brings you back?

The new owners and management are so friendly, it’s a very family and village-oriented pub, for example, they are doing a barbeque for the village football club today. The food is really good, the staff are really friendly, everyone is welcome.

What events do they lay on?

They do a quiz night and are always happy to do a disco. They also recently did a big charity event in aid of McMillan, as well as regularly raise money for the football club – it’s just a pub that is always happy to help the village, they take part in everything.

What do you drink?

White wine.

Where do you sit?

Either outside in the beer garden or in the conservatory.